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The University of the District, 继续和专业教育办公室(CPE)提供访问, high quality, 为成人学习者提供创新和职业教育课程. 我们利用我们广泛的专家和社区合作伙伴网络来满足公众的个人和专业需求, private and government agencies throughout the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.

MG摆脱官网下载的CPE在高要求的职业领域和新兴行业提供在线培训和面对面的课程.  我们还专门针对工作场所的需求定制企业培训.

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Beverly Lucas, Director of Continuing and Professional Education
Phone: 202.274.7430

Eddie J. WilliamsProject Assistant
Phone:  202-274-5536

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这个独特而令人兴奋的项目将帮助互惠生从他们的美国经历中获得最大的收获. The program can also satisfy the U.S. Department of State au pair educational requirement. 这是非常实惠的,可以定制,以适应个人需要. 大多数互惠生可以通过完成我们为期三天的周末课程中的两个来赚取所需的全部时间, plus pre-assignments and follow-up work.

Students will also learn a great deal about the Washington, 并获得重要的背景知识,以帮助您更好地理解和欣赏美国的生活方式. Topics include:

  • Culture shock
  • Diversity
  • Conflict resolution
  • U.S. history and politics
  • U.S. customs and traditions
  • Washington, DC history
  • And much more!

Online Classes

CPE provides access to more than one thousand online classes, giving you the flexibility to study on your own time. All you need is a computer and internet connection.

Online Programs are available in the following areas:

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Who do you want to become? 通过持续职业教育(CPE)实现这一目标.

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Face-to-Face Class Offerings

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报名参加持续专业教育(CPE)网上课程, click on the link of the course. Do not use the MG摆脱官网下载 “apply” button.

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COVID-19 continues to be an immediate global threat, 感染人数在美国和世界许多地方都在上升. 为了MG摆脱官网下载社区的安全和健康, we will maintain emergency remote operation.